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Reflects Pack of 4 Self-Adhesive Reflectors Safety in the Dark Reflector Stickers Reflective Stickers

Folia: 3M or Oralite


  • Reflective yellow, white, red, orange, green for marking vehicles, trailers, construction machinery, pushchairs, all mobile toys, sports equipment, houses, trees, fences, entrance gates, posts and all road infrastructures, all items and objects.
  • The smooth and hard outer surface provides resistance to dirt, external factors, scratches and bumps. It is characterised by excellent visibility in the dark and poor visibility conditions and protects against accidents
  • Quick and easy to install. Adhesive tape ensures excellent visibility of the vehicle, object or surface that is poorly visible at night and in difficult weather conditions.
  • Water resistance, temperature resistance, solvents and other chemicals as well as resistance to detergents.
  • The surface to be glued should be dry, free from dust and grease and free from other impurities that may affect the adhesion of the product.

- The size of the stickers is 107 mm/50 mm.

- Wide range of uses.

- Shelf life: 8 years.

- Quick and easy installation - self-adhesive with pressure-activated adhesive.

The product is made of reflective self-adhesive 3M film. High intensity generation III. It meets the highest requirements in terms of reflectivity and durability. The reflectivity and colour fastness information comply with the European standard UNECE104 and comply with national regulations for reflectivity in daylight.

Its structure consists of a system of glass beads embedded in a transparent plastic mass. The smooth and hard outer surface provides resistance to dirt, scratches and bumps. It is characterised by perfect colour reproduction day and night.


1. The surface to be applied should be dry, free of dust and grease as well as free from other contaminants that could affect the adhesion of the product.
2. Before applying, check that there is no chemical reactions between the film and the substrate.
3. Self-adhesive reflective film is for dry application only.

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