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Reflex Target Brands, adhesive

  • 1 piece.;
  • 4 colors to choose from; white, orange, aquamarine, yellow
  • Size: 60mm x 60mm or 40mm x 40mm, 100mm x 100mm


  • ✔️ Determination – with our product you can quickly and permanently mark your connection points on the construction site, in halls or other buildings. The reflex marks are designed for measurements of buildings or topographies with tachymeters. Perfect for building monitoring, chain installation or deviation test
  • ✔️ Application – The reflective films stick perfectly to smooth surfaces, so that the marks can remain on the measuring object even after the measurement is complete. For use on rough surfaces, it is recommended to stick the target mark on a backing plate
  • ✔️Measurement - With the angle linear method, you can set up a position anywhere on the construction site. You need to see at least 2 points of known coordinates that you mark with diagrams for example. If you need to inspect construction deviations, then our product will certainly help you
  • ✔️ Target image and colours – with us you will find the reflective target brands in different sizes (40 x 40mm, 60 x 60mm, 100 x 100mm) as well as colours (white, orange, yellow, celadon green). Thanks to the two concentric circles and a line cross in the middle, the brand is suitable for both short and long distances

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