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Professional segmented tape made of the highest quality type 3 reflective prismatic foil with very high reflectivity and angularity, self-adhesive with pressure-activated adhesive, durable, flexible, very good reflecting light over long distances. Specially designed for marking vehicle contours vertically and horizontally on tarpaulins / flexible surfaces, resistant to the influence of vapors and direct contact with fuel. Chemical resistance: 3M film 957 / 957S series is resistant to mildly acidic and alkaline substances, resistant to water penetration and penetration, resistant to direct contact with fuels. The 3M series 957 / 957S film has been approved as a reflective material for vehicles of categories M, N and O in accordance with the European regulation ECE104 in the reflectivity class C. The rules for marking vehicles and the proper use of the 957 series film are described in the European regulation ECE48. Meets the requirements of UNECE Regulation 104, approval No. 104 R- 003244

    • Reflective YELLOW, white, red for marking vehicles, trailers, construction machinery, prams, all mobile toys, sports equipment, houses, trees, fences, entry gates, bollards and the entire road infrastructure, all objects and objects.

    • Smooth and hard outer surface provides resistance to dirt, external factors, scratches and impacts. It is characterized by excellent visibility in the dark and poor visibility and protects against accidents

    • Easy and quick application. The tape provides excellent visibility of the vehicle, object or surface, which is difficult to see at night and in difficult weather conditions.

    • Water resistance, resistance to temperature, solvents and other chemicals, and resistance to detergents.

    • The bonding surface should be dry, free from dust, grease and other contaminants that could affect the adhesion of the product.

Reflective yellow, white or red ensure perfect visibility of the vehicle, object or surface on which they are attached.

    • Decal size is 50mmx51mm, has a transfer film

     1 meter = 17 segments

    • Various application possibilities

    • Validity period of 3 years

    • Easy and quick installation - self-adhesive with pressure-activated adhesive

The product consists of a reflective 3M adhesive film. High Intensity Generation III. Meets the highest requirements in terms of reflectivity and durability. Declarations for reflectance and color fastness comply with the European standard ECE 104 class C and meet national daylight reflectance requirements.

The foil has a European CE certificate of conformity and a water mark. Its structure consists of a system of glass balls embedded in a transparent plastic mass. The smooth and hard outer surface is resistant to dirt, scratches and impacts. It is characterized by perfect color reproduction during the day and at night.


    1. The surface to be glued should be dry, free from dust, grease and other impurities that may affect the adhesion of the product.

    2. Before applying, check that there are no chemical reactions between the foil and the substrate.

    3. The self-adhesive reflective film is intended for dry application only.

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